Maybe Maybe

from by Indigo



It’s a daunting little task,
why do we bother?
I’ve seen it break my mother's back
and my sister’s
I tried my hardest to stay clear
I couldn’t help myself
Warned you a thousand times my dear
We couldn’t help ourselves

I felt it slipping through the cracks
between my fingers
I knew the minute wouldn’t last
and that the end was near
Now I hear you crying in your room
You couldn’t help yourself
You said the end, it came too soon
We couldn’t help ourselves

Even though we call it love,
there's a time to call it off

And maybe, maybe we’ll be lonely
and maybe, baby, we’ll be sorry

I feel a shiver and a quake
in my arms and legs
How much more can I take?
I hear my body beg
I see the fear and the doubt
in your eyes and lips
I know it’s hard to quit
but I think this is it


from Lights, track released February 22, 2014
Lyrics written by Pam Reyes.
Rhythm guitar, lead vocals by Pam Reyes.
Ukulele, vocals by Hannah Rosenbaum.
Bass, vocals, by Andy Casella.
Lead guitar by Richie Pineda.
Drums by Devoye Folkes.
Arranged by Indigo.

Produced by Andy Casella.



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Indigo New York, Missouri

Indigo is the brainchild of Andy Casella, Hannah Rosenbaum, and Pam Reyes. This groovy indie rock band was formed during the heat wave of August 2012.

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