by Indigo

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Post-indie: an eclectic mix of ensemble vocals with little bit of folk, some motown, a touch of rock'n'roll, and a lot of everything else in between.


released February 22, 2014


Pam Reyes- Vocals, ukulele, guitar, harmonica
Hannah Rosenbaum- Vocals, piano, guitar, ukulele
Andy Casella- Vocals, bass, guitar
Devoye Folkes- Drums

Richie Pineda- Guitar on tracks 1 and 7

Dan Kottman- Tracking engineer
Andy Casella- Producer/engineer

Amanda Hills- Cover photograph

This album was recorded between August 2013 and January 2014 with a couple of microphones, through some gain stages, into the television at Stonehouse Recording in Mahopac, NY.



all rights reserved


Indigo New York, Missouri

Indigo is the brainchild of Andy Casella, Hannah Rosenbaum, and Pam Reyes. This groovy indie rock band was formed during the heat wave of August 2012.

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Track Name: Maybe Maybe
It’s a daunting little task,
why do we bother?
I’ve seen it break my mother's back
and my sister’s
I tried my hardest to stay clear
I couldn’t help myself
Warned you a thousand times my dear
We couldn’t help ourselves

I felt it slipping through the cracks
between my fingers
I knew the minute wouldn’t last
and that the end was near
Now I hear you crying in your room
You couldn’t help yourself
You said the end, it came too soon
We couldn’t help ourselves

Even though we call it love,
there's a time to call it off

And maybe, maybe we’ll be lonely
and maybe, baby, we’ll be sorry

I feel a shiver and a quake
in my arms and legs
How much more can I take?
I hear my body beg
I see the fear and the doubt
in your eyes and lips
I know it’s hard to quit
but I think this is it
Track Name: There Was A Man
There was a man who told me I can even when I can't
There was a girl who thought that I was beautiful
There was a bird who gave me her wings to borrow

I had a friend who stood by me till the very end
I had a lover who kept me warm through the cold November
I had a plan, it was all I ever wanted

I wasn't always all alone

In this empty room the ceilings are high but the walls are tight
I can barely move there is no way out without you

I guess I'm better off alone
Track Name: Impulse (She Called)
She called, you know she called today
You know she called, she called today
She called, she called, and what she say
It's been a week, since she ran away
She says she's tired, needs to catch her breath
And she won't run, no she won't run
I said "hey can we meet up soon"
Our lives have just, just begun

And every time the phone rings
My heart skips a beat, even when I fall down
And I'm so sick of all this fighting
And all this running around
And I don't care who you've been with
And I don't care who you've seen
As long as you come running, back to me

She called, you know she called today
It's been eight months, since she ran away
She called, you know she called today
You know she called, she called to say

Impulse by impulse manage to wrong my rights
I spend my nights spinning
In circles, in circles until I lose my sight
Until I lose, I might lose it

Fickle, so fickle, can't root my words to deep
I have grown weak, It's 'cause
I'm wrinkled, so wrinkled, my eyes can't fall to sleep
My heart is torn, in two, with lust

And every time the phone rings
My hear skips a beat, even when I fall down
Hoping it's you that's there, hoping that you still care
On the other side of town
And I don't care who you've been with
And I don't care what you've seen
As long as you come running, back to me
Track Name: Home to the Mountains
Lift up, Little Brother, lift up the stone
You're stronger, Little Sister, stronger on own your own
It's hard to carry on, with your shoes wearing down
Take your plane a little higher, to the North Star now

Like the wind, we ride
Spirits running by my side...

This quiet river valley spends winter sleeping soundly,
But not me, not me
Your bare and rocky spine, stark against the snow,
Just like the mountains that you've come to know
Oh Night-rider,
Oh Valkyrie in your golden armor,

Take me, take me, take me home

I'm up, Little Darling, all through the night
To protect you sleeping, till the early morning light
What gave you the pleasure, what gave you the sense
To take upon your measure this wild and wounded friend?

Oh Baby, the days are growing strange
As the grass grows past our knees
Yellowing, unchanged, you seek
someday, Baby, won't you please carry me like pollen in the breeze?
Track Name: Don't Let Me Go
You’ve kept your love at an arm’s-length
Don’t hold back, leave your heart on the table

Keep your hand in my hand
Don’t let go, we can make this last

Oh don’t let me go
‘cause then we’ll never know
how far we could go
so don’t, don’t let me go

Keep your eyes on me,
Don’t look away, don’t walk away
Track Name: Homeward Bound
Homeward bound, it's a hollow sound on the highway
Homeward bound, still treading ground but I'll go today

Winter nights, I really wish that I could stay here
Sky so bright, I knew exactly what you'd say
Winter nights, I really wish that I could stay with you
But I'm heading homeward bound

I'll count the hours, and I'll dream of yours as I drift away
Even snow has found a place to settle down on a frozen lake

Winter nights, I really wish that I could stay here
Sky so bright, I knew exactly what you'd say
Winter nights, I really wish that I could lay in your arms
But I'm heading homeward bound
Track Name: Three Steady Knocks
Three steady knocks upon my door
I heard you say that you want more
I kept you out, I kept you waiting
But you stayed put till it was dark and late

Three little words upon your lips
I heard you say them and my heart slipped
You caught me when I least expected
but you loved me still when you felt rejected

I had my back against the wall
I had no room to breathe at all
I was in no shape to risk it all
But not I've found that I have fallen for you

Three steady knocks, you're welcome in
Three little words, I let them ring
Track Name: Oceania
I washed upon your eastern shore
You swept me in, and I kept coming back for more
I cast my gaze out towards the blue
You were miles away, from any place I knew

Baby, baby's got a moon-shaped smile,
and I hope it never wanes
She's the queen of a crescent isle,
and she let's me ride her wave, let's my ride away

So I set out to find
some high and drier ground
You were all crystalline,
a treasure to be found

This one thing of you I ask as I travel through your land
Please don't leave me on my own, side winding in the sand